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Dear Guest,

My name is Nancy, and I hope you will enjoy reading about how I discovered that Sweetie has a set of incredible talents that NO OTHER DOG IN THE WORLD has!!!!

Sweetie came into my life at 7 weeks of age. From the day she arrived, she showed me how clever, smart and affectionate she was. I connected with her so intensely, I felt like I had always known her. She learned so fast that I ran out of dog tricks to teach her.  Little did I know what was to come. 

Sweetie learned so fast, I decided to see if she could identify her toys for me. While sitting on the floor, with several toys between us, I asked Sweetie to show me one specific toy. She walked up and put her paw on that exact toy! When 13 toys were laid out in front of her, Sweetie was able to correctly identify them all. I did not teach her to use her paws; she figured that out on her own.

I soon discovered that Sweetie could differentiate between one, two, three, four and five buttons. The FIRST time she saw the groups of buttons, she could identify the pile with the number of buttons I asked for.

PHOTO OF SWEETIE POINTING TO PI decided to find out what else she knew. I took small, colorful letters, and placed several in front of her. Sure enough, Sweetie could identify all twenty six. All on her own, first time she saw them. I was amazed! I soon discovered that she could sequence letters in order from A to Z, and from Z to A!

Numbers are great fun for Sweetie. She knows them in order. She can add, subtract, multiply, and read and answer simple flashcards.  Playing cards are easy for Sweetie. She knows all 52, as well as hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs.

How many young children can differentiate between B A R E and B E A R? Sweetie can. She will spell out BEAR, the animal, or BARE, like naked, when the four letters are in front of her. In fact, she will continue to spell different words from those four letters, or any other four letters. At times, she will spell words I didn?t think of. Sweetie can read words and identify them.

PHOTO OF SWEETIE POINTING TO A COLORThink dogs are colorblind? Not Sweetie. She can identify many colors. How SaveCancelCloseEdit FileWhen finished, click Saabout clock faces? No problem. Shapes? Oval vs. circle, square vs. rectangle-she?ll point out what you ask for.

     When your doggie tells you she loves you, it means so much more when she is actually saying the words. Sweetie says, ?I love you? (just look on the video page!). I know she understands what those words mean. There is a special place in her heart for children.

Sweetie has appeared on many national and local television shows, and had articles written about her in print. She has done many live performances, wowing her audiences. Put up the lights,  focus the camera, and watch her come alive!

Again, please view the photo gallery and video gallery to see more of Sweetie. Send her email. Share her with your children. I am pleased to share her with you.